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The Transformation of the National History Museum in Albania: Recommendations and Proposed Next Steps by the Advisory Board

Albania has been described as the last secret of Europe. Almost unknown internationally, its rich and diverse cultural heritage is undervalued within the country, much of it having been suppressed or neglected during the long years of isolation. This peaceful multicultural coexistence presents Albania with a unique opportunity: to utilize its culture as an instrument in shaping its new national identity, as its government, economy and people move away from isolation to a greater participation on the world’s
The Joint Programme “Culture and Heritage for Social and Economic Development” (CHSED) was primarily designed to achieve outcomes derived from the national priorities of Albania that are consistent with the Millennium Development Goals and the One UN programme, approved by the Albanian Government in October 2007. The flagship activity for the CHSED Joint Programme will be the transformation of the National History Museum in Tirana into a modern cultural institution. One key activity to this is to: “Establish a management and governance structure for a “world-class” National History Museum” (Activity 2.1.1).

This final report, prepared by the museum expert, will summarize and elaborate on the major findings and recommendations of the Advisory Board, for use as a final decision-making tool by the Government of Albania and the UN Agencies that are substantially and financially accountable for the implementation of the activities in the CHSED Joint Programme.

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