IFLA Newsletter n° 87 - Asia Pacific Region Special Issue (April 2010)

Diversity of cultures is a strength of the Asia Pacific Region. From the mountains and deserts of Iran in the north-west, to the indented coastlines and island of Japan and New Zealand in the north-east and south-east, there is also a multitude of different landscapes. As those landscape are made and influenced by cultures that have different understandings of nature, and different responses to their surroundings, so exhilarating contrasts have developed. Even though rulers and traders of surrounding ancient countries interacted and mixed different cultures, fauna and flora when they visited Darius in Iran centuries ago, as recorded on stone panels in the sacked city of Persepolis, the differences have been maintained over the centuries. Even though religions and ideas have been transported through the region, gradually modifying cultures, the differences have created unique landscapes. You know where you are when you walk through cities in Japan or fields in Thailand or India.

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