ICOMOS International Conference: "The Image of heritage: changing perception, permanent responsibilities"

The proceedings of the ICOMOS International Conference: "The Image of heritage: changing perception, permanent responsibilities", (Florence, Italy, 6-8 March 2009) are now online.

The Conference was organised by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation (Florence) and the ICOMOS ISC on Theory and Philosophy of Conservation and Restoration.

Since the beginning of civilization, man’s main form of contact with works of architecture has consisted in visiting them physically(pilgrimages, journeys and recently tourism). Getting to know them indirectly from descriptions or visually was possible only through the media, changing and becoming more powerful with altering technology (printing techniques, graphic techniques, photography, film, television, recently computer technology).

The current rapid development of tourism and the media and their increasing accessibility have in recent years radically changed our perception of the cultural heritage.

These changes require a scientific description and analysis, leading to a diagnosis of the current situation and a prognosis of future developments.
What role should tourism have, and how can it be made into sustainable cultural tourism? What role and responsibility should the media take on? What benefits and threats do the development of tourism and the media bring with them? What kind of approach should the international movement for the conservation of the cultural and natural heritage adopt towards these phenomena?

Proceedings online


Revista PATRIMONIO n° 38 (julio - agosto - septiembre 2009) disponible

la Fundacion del Patrimonio Historico de Castilla y Leon acaba de publicar el n° 38 de la Revista PATRIMONIO (julio - septiembre 2009)

Se encuentra disponible para descargar en el sitio web de la Fundacion

Source: Fundacion del Patrimonio Historico de Castilla y Leon


E_Conservation Magazine - N° 10, June 2009

The 10th issue of e_conservation magazine is now online and available for free download!

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AFRICA 2009 Programme: New publication

'Protection juridique du patrimoine culturel immoblilier :
Orientations pour les pays francophones de l’Afrique subsaharienne'

This book, published as part of the AFRICA 2009 Programme, presents the legal frameworks for immovable cultural heritage protection in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. Proposes guidelines for creating legal norms with respect to cultural heritage. The book is a tool to set up procedures that permit sustainable heritage protection using a clear juridical framework and institutions provided with adequate means.

The book is priced at 20 euros, can be purchased from the online bookshop.

Contents (original in French)

Mounir Bouchenaki
Thierry Joffroy
•Comment utiliser ces orientations
•Chapitre 1 : le patrimoine culturel immobilier africain et sa protection
Chapitre 2 : la construction des systèmes juridiques de protection
Chapitre 3 : les institutions en charge de la protection
Chapitre 4 : éléments pour une protection effective
•Liste des abréviations

Source: ICCROM Website


Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage - Newsletter 45

The Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage - Newsletter 45 (15 July 2009) has just been published on their website

Download the newsletter in English - Français - Español

Source: Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage website


ICOMOS ICLAFI E-Journal - First issue available!

Download the Journal / Téléchargez la revue / Descargue la revista

Presentation by the Editors:

We present the first issue of the ICLAFI E-journal. The ICLAFI ejournal is an initiative to further the scientific work of ICLAFI in legal and administrative aspects of heritage conservation.

Recognizing the increasing interest in understanding and protecting cultural heritage in the world today, it is the mission of the ICLAFI Electronic Journal to contribute to the development and diffusion of conservation science, especially on legal protective systems and World Heritage issues.

ICLAFI E-Journal will also be a forum for the diffusion of the wider expertise of ICOMOS and its national and international committees. The editorial committee will coordinate with ICOMOS committees.

The ICLAFI EJ will present research papers and shorter articles of interest to cultural heritage conservation and information on the projects and activities of ICOMOS and its national and international committees.

We hope the material published in the ejournal will expand the heritage world’s appreciation of the centrality of law in underpinning its work. The concern is sometimes expressed that the role of law is viewed too narrowly by heritage practitioners from other disciplines. The ejournal will actively solicit conceptual and theoretical material to expand these horizons. Similarly the ejournal will publish case studies of laws in action, and particularly of innovative strategies that lawyers and administrators round the world have used to achieve the goals of heritage conservation.

It is envisaged that the ejournal will have initially 2 issues a year, available on line through the ICLAFI section on the ICOMOS webpage.

We will be waiting for all the conservationist actors reactions, comments, suggestions and criticism. Please, do not hesitate to write us to ejournalcoordination@icomos-iclafi.org.

Alberto Martorell Carreño. ICOMOS Peru
Graeme Wiffen. Australia ICOMOS


INORA, the International Newsletter on Rock Art, n° 54, 2009

INORA, the International Newsletter on Rock Art, issue n° 54, 2009, has just been published.

Le n° 54, 2009, d'INORA, la Lettre Internationale d'Informations sur l'Art Rupestre, vient d'être publié.

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UNESCO Library: UNESCO and the Millennium Development goals - A bibliography

The UNESCO Library provides reference and information services, including online searches, to the Organization as a whole, as well as to the general public with an interest in UNESCO's fields of competence.

This week, in the UNESCO Library website:

A bibliography on 'UNESCO and the Millennium Development goals'.

Source: UNESCO Library website


UNESCO Publication: Final report on damage assessment in Babylon

Final report on damage assessment in Babylon: International Coordination Committee for the Saveguarding of the Cultural Heritage of Iraq

Download the publication

Source: UNESCO

e-rph: Revista Electrónica de Patrimonio Histórico - Numero 4 Junio 2009

El número 4, Junio de 2009, de 'e-rph: Revista Electrónica de Patrimonio Histórico', acaba de ser publicado. Consulte el contenido de la revista en http://www.revistadepatrimonio.es

The number 4, June 2009, of 'e-rph: Revista Electrónica de Patrimonio Histórico' has just been published. Download the issue in http://www.revistadepatrimonio.es


Forum " Preserving Asian Pacific Islander America: Mobilizing Our Communities"

Diverse populations have lastingly shaped America’s landscapes, culture, and communities. Buildings, streetscapes, and personal narratives associated with Asian Pacific Islander (API) heritage offer different lenses for contemplating uniquely American struggles and achievements. All too frequently, sites associated with America's API history go unrecognized and buildings, events, and landscapes that carry this legacy of cultural memories are threatened by demolition, abandonment, or lack of public understanding.

API communities have a crucial role to play in ensuring preservation and increasing awareness of the legacies of Asian and Pacific Island cultures in America.

A forum, Preserving Asian Pacific Islander America: Mobilizing Our Communities, will be held in San Francisco's historic Japantown June 24-26, 2010.

This constituency-building forum will convene a network of groups and individuals who are stewarding Asian Pacific Islander history and who:
• share an interest in broadening understanding of API cultural heritage in America;
• want to expand the discussion about who we are and the variety of API resources and API chapters in American history that we are struggling to preserve;
• want to share best practices, advice, and success stories to equip attendees with proven and innovative tools with which to pursue preservation efforts in their own communities;
• hope to engage new audiences and develop fresh approaches for preserving API heritage resources in these challenging times; and
• desire to put forward a pan-Asian preservation agenda and demonstrate an expanded meaning for "historic preservation" that will continue to ensure a place for diverse groups at preservation’s table.

Preserving Asian Pacific Islander America: Mobilizing Our Communities, will:
• demonstrate how preserving Asian Pacific Islander America can be synonymous with promoting community pride, cultural identity, and neighborhood vitality;
• create opportunities for stewards and advocates for Asian Pacific Islander heritage resources to forge consensus, share best practices, and increase capacity and outreach; and
• strengthen connections between the stewards of America’s Asian Pacific Islander heritage and the organized historic preservation movement.

Your input and ideas are important to us. Please help us understand whether the ideas we have identified reflect your concerns by taking a very brief survey.

Go to:

Please help us get the word out and gather input by letting others know of the forum and by forwarding this message.

Again, the dates for the forum will be June 24-26, 2010; most activities will take place on Friday, June 25.

The following groups are contributing to plans for the forum:

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
California Civil Liberties Public Education Program
California Japanese American Community Leadership Council
Chinese American Citizens Alliance
Chinese American Museum
Chinese Historical Society of America
El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument
Filipino American National Historical Society
Guam Preservation Trust
Japanese American National Museum
Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California
Japantown Task Force
Little Manila Foundation
Little Tokyo Service Center
National Japanese American Historical Society
National Park Service, Western Region
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Preserving California's Japantowns

Melita Juresa-McDonald | Program Assistant, Western Office | National Trust for Historic Preservation |
Email: melita_juresa-mcdonald@nthp.org | www.PreservationNation.org

Urban History News - July 2009

The Urban History News (UHN), July 2009, published by the Centre for Urban History of the University of Leicester, is available on the website.

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Source: Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester


IUCN publication: World Heritage in Danger

IUCN new publication available online:

World Heritage in Danger: A compendium of key decisions on the conservation of natural World Heritage properties via the List of World Heritage in Danger. April 2009. By Tim Badman, Bastian Bomhard, Annelie Fincke et al. Gland: IUCN, 2009. 42 p. (IUCN World Heritage Studies; 7)

Authors: Tim Badman, Bastian Bomhard, Annelie Fincke, Josephine Langley, Pedro Rosabal and David Sheppard

Download the publication