e-rph: Revista Electrónica de Patrimonio Histórico - Numero 5 Diciembre 2009

El número 5, Diciembre 2009, de 'e-rph: Revista Electrónica de Patrimonio Histórico', acaba de ser publicado. Consulte el contenido de la revista en http://www.revistadepatrimonio.es

The number 5, December 2009, of 'e-rph: Revista Electrónica de Patrimonio Histórico' has just been published. Download the issue in http://www.revistadepatrimonio.es


IFLA Newsletter n° 86 - A new year, a new world (February 2010)

This issue includes articles on new member associations from Paraguay, Ecuador, and Central America and the Caribbean, who were welcomed to IFLA at the World Council meeting in Rio in late October 2009. We introduce our new Vice President Europe, Nigel Thorne and other European executive committee members Carlo Bruschi (VP Professional Practice) and Marina Cervera Alonso De Medina (Secretary). The IFLA elections are underway at present so in two months time the new President and other regional Vice Presidents will be introduced.
We have a new office: Executive Secretary Christine Bavassa has moved into new premises in a location that is closer to the action in Brussels. We are sharing an office with a local representative of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (IsoCaRP), so we will have immediately better opportunities to work with one of our partners.

Download issue n° 86


Cuba Arqueológica. Revista digital de Arqueología de Cuba y el Caribe - Año II, n° 2, Noviembre 2009

El n° 2 de 2009 (Noviembre) de "Cuba Arqueológica. Revista digital de Arqueología de Cuba y el Caribe. Año II. No. 2, Noviembre 2009" (ISSN: 1852-0723)acaba de ser publicada en la web de Cuba Arqueológica.

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Source: Cuba Arqueologica