'Preservation vs. Development': An interview with the ICOMOS President Gustavo Araoz on TV

Interview with the ICOMOS President, Mr Gustavo Araoz, on NHK TV (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) about the project to build a bridge in Tomonoura (Japan)

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Modern heritage properties (19th and 20th Centuries) on the World Heritage List

The ICOMOS Documentation Centre has produced a bibliography on the Modern heritage properties on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The document includes a description of the World heritage properties with a bibliography based on the documents available at the Documentation Centre.

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Conserving architecture: Planned conservation of XX Century Architectural Heritage

Conservare l'architettura: Conservazione programmata per il patrimonio architettonico del XX secolo. A cura di Andrea Canziani

The Planned Conservation is the ability to see the Cultural Heritage over time and to govern its transformations. Knowledge, prevention, control, operations planning, replace the idea of restoration as a defensive action aimed to prevent any changes with the idea of conservation as a co-evolution between humans and heritage.

The practice of preventive and planned conservation are presented as a strategic move to preserve the architectural heritage of the twentieth century. Modern heritage is particularly vulnerable to risks of accelerated deterioration due to material, formal and technological characteristics. Control and cure, indeed, are the most effective defense of its authenticity.

The essays in this volume present ideas, researches and international cases related to the conservation of buildings and sites of modernity. It outlines a framework that reveals different cultural contexts of protection and unpublished lines of continuity and consistency.
Reflections on the legal and regulatory frameworks, on social and cultural impacts, on sustainability and economic efficiency, on the role of knowledge, diagnostics and monitoring, highlight the potential related to the transition from restoration as an exceptional occurrence to conservation as knowledge and constant care.

The volume contains also the contributions presented in October 2009 at the International Conference “Planned Conservation of XXth Century Architectural Heritage” promoted by the Municipality of Como within the CARIPLO Foundation’s project "Spreading innovative methodologies for Planned Conservation of historic architectural heritage”.
The conference was conducted with the support of:
DOCOMOMO Italy - Italian Association for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neigbourhoods of the Modern Movement -
UNESCO Chair on Preventive Conservation Maintenance and Monitoring of Monuments and Sites. POLITECNICO DI MILANO - Department of Building & Environment Science & Technology

Andrea Canziani, PhD architect, specialist in Restoration of Monuments, professor of Architectural Restoration at the Politecnico di Milano Faculty of Architecture and Society.
Concerned with issues of conservation of cultural heritage with specific attention to the twentieth century and the relationship between architecture, landscape and cultural and social development.
Is a member of DOCOMOMO International-International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neigbourhoods of the Modern Movement-and Secretary General of DOCOMOMO Italy.
Website: http://www.plannedconservationcomo2009.com/


Conservation Perspectives: The Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter, Vol. 24, 2

Conservation Perspectives: The Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter, Vol. 24, 2 (Fall 2009)

This issue has just been published and it is available on the GCI website.

Table of contents:

A Note from the Director
Timothy P. Whalen

Modern and Contemporary Art: New Conservation Challenges, Conflicts, and Considerations
By Thomas J. S. Learner

Modern and Contemporary Art: A Personal Reflection
By Carol Mancusi-Ungaro

POPART: An International Research Project on the Conservation of Plastics
By Bertrand Lavédrine, Rachel Rivenc, and Michael Schilling

Cleaning Acrylic Emulsion Paintings
By Bronwn Ormsby and Alan Phenix

INCCA: A Model for Conserving Contemporary Art
By Glenn Wharton

Competing Commitments: A Discussion about Ethical Dilemmas in the Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art
A Discussion about Ethical Dilemmas in the Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art

Key Resources
A list of key resources related to conservation of modern and contemporary art

GCI News
Projects, events, and publications



ICCROM Newsletter n° 35 - October 2009 - Special edition

ICCROM Newsletter n° 25: A special edition conmemorating ICCROM's 50th Anniversary with timelines highlighting the milestones of the organization.
Content: from Rome Centre to ICCROM; as we wove forward; the '50s and ‘60s: the early years of the Rome Centre; the ‘70s: new headquarters, expanding horizons; ICCROM goes digital; fifty years of preventive conservation with ICCROM; the '80s: a time of 'consolidation'; the '90s: embracing a wider view; the millennium: new challenges; messages from friends and family; making a difference.

Download the Newsletter in English - Français - Castellano - Arabic

Source: ICCROM website


INORA, the International Newsletter on Rock Art, n° 55, 2009

INORA, the International Newsletter on Rock Art, issue n° 55, 2009, has just been published.

Le n° 55, 2009, d'INORA, la Lettre Internationale d'Informations sur l'Art Rupestre, vient d'être publié.

In this issue / Dans ce numéro:
- La "bête" de Stanton Moor dans le Peak District, Derbyshire, Angleterre / The "beast" of Stanton Moor in the Peak District, Derbyshire, England - By Barry Lewis

- Découverte d'art pariétal paléolithique à la Cueva de Cordoveganes I (Puertas de Vidiago, Llanes, Asturies, Espagne) / Discovery of Palaeolithic rock art in Cueva de Cordoveganes I ((Puertas de Vidiago, Llanes, Asturias, Spain)- By Silvia Santamaría Santamaría, José Manuel Morlote Expósito, Emilio Muñoz Fernández & Ramón Montes Barquín

- Repérage de nouvelles peintures dans l'est de l'Insulinde (Misool) et identification des paramètres génériques de leur présence / The location of new paintings in the east of the Archipelago (Misool) and identification of the generic parameters of their presence - By Jean-Michel Chazine

- Nouveau musée d'art rupestre en Chine / A new rock art museum in China

- Centre de ressources Jean Clottes à Tarascon-sur-Ariège (France) / Jean clottes Documentation Center at Tarascon-sur-Ariège (France)

- Les problèmes de Lascaux (suite) / The problems of the Lascaux Cave (continuation) - By Jean clottes

- LBI: Base de données en ligne des inscriptions libyco-berbères / LBI: Libyco-berber inscriptions on-line Database - By Werner Pichler



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Museum International n° 243: ICCROM Commemorating Excellence - available

MUSEUM International, UNESCO’s quarterly journal on museum and heritage at the international level, will devote the fall 2009 issue (n° 243) to the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the International Center for the Study of the Preservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM).

The creation of ICCROM marked a highly significant step in the commitment of the international community to devote resources and gather expertise for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. The proposal to create an intergovernmental centre for the study and improvement of methods of restoration was adopted at the 9th session of the UNESCO General Conference in New Delhi in 1956. Since then, UNESCO and ICCROM have worked in close partnership to implement conservation projects and raise global awareness for the protection of cultural heritage in all its dimensions.

By devoting the forthcoming issue of MUSEUM International to ICCROM, UNESCO wishes to pay tribute to the longstanding cooperation and common achievements that have linked the two organizations in the past fifty years.

The issue will present in three chapters all key aspects of the work of ICCROM, from the past to the future. Short messages from experts and participants at ICCROM training programmes will also be collected and presented to emphasize the role of ICCROM as a place of communication and solidarity.

Source: UNESCO website


Earth, Wind, Water, Fire - Environmental challenges to Urban World Heritage

The City of Regensburg hosted the OWHC Northwest-European Regional Conference "Earth, Wind, Water, Fire - Environmental challenges to Urban World Heritage" (16-18 September 2008).

The conference proceedings have now been published by the City of Regensburg. This scientific publication summarizes the conference results, highlights experiences with environmental challenges and points out different protection strategies for historic urban areas by depicting the numerous conference presentations on 'Earth', 'Wind', 'Water' and 'Fire' which covered a wide spectrum of natural risks to urban World Heritage sites.

Download the publication in pdf

Source: City of Regensburg


Scientific Journals online: City & Time (Vol. 4, 2, 2009) and In Situ (n° 12, 2009) available

New issues available online of:

- City & Time, Volume 4, n° 2, (2009)
City & Time is the first international journal devoted to the study and advancement of the conservation/transformation process of cities. It brings together the interests of scholars and practitioners from a wide variety of disciplines, promoting interdisciplinary effort to address the issues. The journal focusses on concepts that seek improving the quality of life in the cities by actively using heritage as catalyzer of development

- In Situ, n° 12 (3 Nov 2009) (Le patrimoine religieux des XIXe et XXe siècles - 2ème partie)
Les objectifs essentiels de le revue :
— Offrir à l'ensemble des professionnels du patrimoine un organe de diffusion des résultats de leurs travaux portant sur la connaissance, les conservation et la valorisation du patrimoine ;
— favoriser les échanges entre les différents acteurs et les différentes disciplines de la recherche appliquée au patrimoine ;
— mettre à disposition du public les nouvelles connaissances sur le patrimoine.
La revue est ouverte à des contributions émanant de spécialistes extérieurs : universités, CNRS, musées, écoles d’architecture…
In Situ est une revue scientifique, ayant un comité de validation des articles avant leur diffusion.


'Conserving the authentic: essays in honour of Jukka Jokilehto': An ICCROM publication

A surprise celebration was held on 6 November to commemorate the lifetime achievements of Jukka Jokilehto through the publication of a book, 'Conserving the authentic: essays in honour of Jukka Jokilehto'. This also marks the 10th volume of the ICCROM Conservation Studies series.
The publication is a recognition to Jukka Jokilehto’s contribution and dedication to the conservation profession, in developing both theory and practice. His role as a mentor and leading thinker in the field are highlighted in the volume’s contents

CIPA: Proceedings of the 22nd CIPA Symposium, 11-15 October 2009, Kyoto, Japan

The proceedings of the 22nd CIPA Symposium: "Digital Documentation, Interpretation & Presentation of Cultural Heritage", held in Kyoto, Japan, 11-15 October 2009, are now available online in the CIPA website.

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ICOMOS France: Petit traité des Grands Sites: Réfléchir et agir sur les hauts lieux de notre patrimoine

Petit traité des Grands Sites: Réfléchir et agir sur les hauts lieux de notre patrimoine. Coordonné par Jean-Pierre Thibault

Nombre de sites, petits ou grands, sont aujourd'hui menacés d'altération, de dégradation, voire d'indifférence. Cet ouvrage s'adresse à tous ceux que cette situation préoccupe ou qui entreprennent une démarche de sauvegarde, de gestion et de mise en valeur fondée sur l'esprit des lieux. Ce traité repose sur l'expérience de la politique des Grands Sites, initiée et pilotée par le ministère chargé de l'environnement depuis 1976. Il s'enrichit également d'exemples de sites étrangers et d'éclairages apportés par la gestion des sites inscrits sur la liste du patrimoine mondial de l'Unesco. A partir de témoignages et de sites choisis pour leur pertinence, dans chacun des thèmes abordés, ce guide des bonnes pratiques, ou plutôt des bonnes questions, invite à réfléchir sur les différents aspects qui paraissent incontournables pour la gouvernance d'un développement touristique et culturel durable: comment régler les problèmes, souvent conjugués, que sont la dégradation physique ou écologique d'un site, la perte de ses habitants. Proposant à plusieurs questions fondamentales des réponses ou des pistes multiples, l'ouvrage se veut un document engagé, mais en aucune façon doctrinaire. Comme pour un guide que l'on emporte avec soi dans la visite d'un site, nul n'est censé le suivre à la lettre. Chacun y butine, dans l'ordre qu'il souhaite, telle ou telle indication qui paraît utile à son parcours ou à sa découverte.


Nouvelle publication: Pierre et patrimoine: connaissance et conservation

Cet ouvrage, qui résulte du travail collectif d'une vingtaine de spécialistes aux compétences variées, présente l'état des connaissances sur la pierre - ses provenances, son extraction, ses propriétés - et livre une vision actuelle sur la construction en pierre, ses techniques et ses règles. Tirant parti des travaux de recherche les plus récents, il fait le point sur les altérations qui affectent ce matériau et sur leur diagnostic. Il décrit enfin les principes et les méthodes de restauration et de conservation actuels, en attirant l'attention sur l'importance des opérations de suivi et d'entretien qui doivent accompagner ces interventions.

Ouvrage disponible chez ACTES SUD


Revista PATRIMONIO n° 39 (Oct. - Nov. - Dic. 2009) disponible

La Fundación del Patrimonio Histórico de Castilla y León acaba de publicar el n° 39 de la Revista PATRIMONIO (Octubre - Diciembre 2009)

Se encuentra disponible en el sitio web de la Fundacion

Source: Fundacion del Patrimonio Historico de Castilla y Leon


Patrimonio del Siglo 20 - Movimiento Moderno: Publicaciones online

Publicaciones disponibles:

- El patrimonio del movimiento moderno : pensamientos, reflexiones, aprendizajes. Editado por Stella Maris Casal [Download]

- El patrimonio arquitectónico rehabilitado del siglo 20 en Buenos Aires: el patrimonio moderno. Documentos de Trabajo N° 229, Universidad de Belgrano. (Texts in Spanish and English)
[http://www.ub.edu.ar/investigaciones/dt_nuevos/229_casal.pdf](Enlace disponible proximamente)


Proceedings of the Scientific Symposium 'Finding the spirit of place' (Quebec 2008) - available online

The proceedings of the Scientific Symposium "Finding the spirit of place: between the tangible and the intangible", held in Quebec, Canada (29th of Sept. - 4th of October 2008) during the 16th ICOMOS General Assembly, are now available online in the ICOMOS website.

Les Actes du Symposium Scientifique "Où se cache l'esprit du lieu?: entre le matériel et l'immatériel", tenu à Québec, Canada (du 29 septembre au 5 octobre 2008) pendant la 16ème Assemblée Générale de l'ICOMOS, sont désormais en ligne sur le site web de l'ICOMOS.

Download the proceedings / Télécharger les actes