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Presentation by the Editors:

We present the first issue of the ICLAFI E-journal. The ICLAFI ejournal is an initiative to further the scientific work of ICLAFI in legal and administrative aspects of heritage conservation.

Recognizing the increasing interest in understanding and protecting cultural heritage in the world today, it is the mission of the ICLAFI Electronic Journal to contribute to the development and diffusion of conservation science, especially on legal protective systems and World Heritage issues.

ICLAFI E-Journal will also be a forum for the diffusion of the wider expertise of ICOMOS and its national and international committees. The editorial committee will coordinate with ICOMOS committees.

The ICLAFI EJ will present research papers and shorter articles of interest to cultural heritage conservation and information on the projects and activities of ICOMOS and its national and international committees.

We hope the material published in the ejournal will expand the heritage world’s appreciation of the centrality of law in underpinning its work. The concern is sometimes expressed that the role of law is viewed too narrowly by heritage practitioners from other disciplines. The ejournal will actively solicit conceptual and theoretical material to expand these horizons. Similarly the ejournal will publish case studies of laws in action, and particularly of innovative strategies that lawyers and administrators round the world have used to achieve the goals of heritage conservation.

It is envisaged that the ejournal will have initially 2 issues a year, available on line through the ICLAFI section on the ICOMOS webpage.

We will be waiting for all the conservationist actors reactions, comments, suggestions and criticism. Please, do not hesitate to write us to ejournalcoordination@icomos-iclafi.org.

Alberto Martorell Carreño. ICOMOS Peru
Graeme Wiffen. Australia ICOMOS

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