AFRICA 2009 Programme: New publication

'Protection juridique du patrimoine culturel immoblilier :
Orientations pour les pays francophones de l’Afrique subsaharienne'

This book, published as part of the AFRICA 2009 Programme, presents the legal frameworks for immovable cultural heritage protection in French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa. Proposes guidelines for creating legal norms with respect to cultural heritage. The book is a tool to set up procedures that permit sustainable heritage protection using a clear juridical framework and institutions provided with adequate means.

The book is priced at 20 euros, can be purchased from the online bookshop.

Contents (original in French)

Mounir Bouchenaki
Thierry Joffroy
•Comment utiliser ces orientations
•Chapitre 1 : le patrimoine culturel immobilier africain et sa protection
Chapitre 2 : la construction des systèmes juridiques de protection
Chapitre 3 : les institutions en charge de la protection
Chapitre 4 : éléments pour une protection effective
•Liste des abréviations

Source: ICCROM Website

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