World Heritage: New resources

The World Heritage Centre has made available new tools and documents: 

"Managing Cultural World Heritage" reference manual
This manual provides guidance for States Parties and all those involved in the care of World Heritage cultural properties on how to comply with the requirements of the World Heritage Convention. It also aims to help States Parties to ensure that heritage has a dynamic role in society and harnesses, but also delivers to others, the mutual benefits that such a role can create.
Free download from : http://whc.unesco.org/en/news/1078/
"Celebrating 40 years of the World Heritage Convention"
This electronic publication provides the vivid record of the three-day landmark event, which was organized jointly by the Government of Japan and UNESCO World Heritage Centre, in Kyoto, Japan, 6-8 November 2012. During the Closing Event, challenges the Convention faced in its early years as well as today's key issues in the World Heritage community, were discussed.

Free download from http://whc.unesco.org/en/news/1077/

And the new database, "State of Conservation of World Heritage properties".
State of Conservation (SOC): The very significant number of reports prepared by the UNESCO Secretariat and the Advisory Bodies to the World Heritage Committee represents an exceptional and extensive documentation on various conservation issues. It is one of the most comprehensive monitoring systems of any international conventions, through a global network of sites.

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