Photo story: New life for avant-garde buildings from Russia and Ukraine

The EU Neighbourhood Info Centre has released a photo story highlighting the achievements of an EU-funded project in preserving valuable early twentieth century urban heritage in the cities of Moscow and Kyiv.
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The 1.30-minute video spotlights the activities of the project, which helps Moscow and Kyiv preserve their architectural heritage, by giving a new lease of life to neglected avant-garde buildings.
The photo story is based on a feature article published by the Info Centre last year.
It was put together using photos taken for the Info Centre, illustrating the activities of the project, with music and background information. The photos are also available in a special Photo gallery on the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre website. 

The video is the latest in a series of resources illustrating EU support for culture in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood, released as culture ministers meet in Tbilisi for the first Eastern Partnership Ministerial Conference on Culture today. Other material includes a press pack and an interview with the team leader of the Eastern Partnership Culture programme. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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