New bibliographies for Cultural heritage researchers

These bibliographies provide you with references of documents available in the Centre and are structured thematically. Consultation/documentation requests: documentation[at]icomos.org

BIBLIOGRAPHIE ARCHAEOLOGICAL-HERITAGE_2013_couv_Page 001Conservation of archaeological heritage

Index :

- Theory of Archaeology
* Archaeologists - portraits and training aspects
* Prospection and Research Methodology
* Management of archaeological sites
- Some types of archaeological heritage
* Prehistoric sites
* Urban Archaeological Sites
* Heritage in Danger
* Various
- Archaeological sites by region
* Africa
* Arab States
* Asia & Pacific
* Europe and North America
* North America and Israel
* Latin America and the Caribbean
* Pluri-National Study

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Cultural routes: conservation and management issues


- Concept, identification, protection and methodoly of study of 
- Cultural routes inscribed on the World Heritage List
- Cultural routes promoted by UNESCO
- Cultural routes promoted by the European Council
- Other types of cultural routes
- Cultural routes and intangible heritage
- Cultural routes, transportation corridors and cultural landscapes
- Cultural routes, transportation corridors and cultural landscapes
- Inventories

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