New GCI publications online

The following publications by the Getty Conservation Institute are available online:

- Proceedings of the Getty Seismic Adobe Project 2006 Colloquium
During this three-day colloquium, a group of professionals with expertise in earthen conservation, materials science, construction, building standards, and earthquake engineering gathered to discuss the current state of knowledge and the challenges of preserving our earthen cultural heritage in active seismic zones. This publication contains a selection of papers presented at the colloquium, as well as several later submissions by participants.

- Metallography and Microstructure of Ancient Historic Metals. By David A. Scott
This book provides an introduction to the structure and morphology of ancient and historic metallic materials. It deals extensively with many practical matters relating to the mounting, preparation, etching, polishing, and microscopy of metallic samples, and includes an account of the way in which phase diagrams can be used to assist structural interpretation.

- The Conservation of Artifacts Made from Plant Materials. By Mary-Lou E. Florian, Dale Paul Kronkright, and Ruth E. Norton
This teaching guide covers the identification, deterioration, and conservation of artifacts made from plant materials.

- Thin-Layer Chromatography for Binding Media Analysis. By Mary Striegel and Jo Hill.
This volume consists of a handbook and protocols. The handbook serves as a primer for the basic application of thin-layer chromatography to the analysis of coatings, binders, and adhesives found on cultural objects. The protocols provide step-by-step instructions for procedures involved in typical analyses

Source: GCI Bulletin - February 2010

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