Conserving architecture: Planned conservation of XX Century Architectural Heritage

Conservare l'architettura: Conservazione programmata per il patrimonio architettonico del XX secolo. A cura di Andrea Canziani

The Planned Conservation is the ability to see the Cultural Heritage over time and to govern its transformations. Knowledge, prevention, control, operations planning, replace the idea of restoration as a defensive action aimed to prevent any changes with the idea of conservation as a co-evolution between humans and heritage.

The practice of preventive and planned conservation are presented as a strategic move to preserve the architectural heritage of the twentieth century. Modern heritage is particularly vulnerable to risks of accelerated deterioration due to material, formal and technological characteristics. Control and cure, indeed, are the most effective defense of its authenticity.

The essays in this volume present ideas, researches and international cases related to the conservation of buildings and sites of modernity. It outlines a framework that reveals different cultural contexts of protection and unpublished lines of continuity and consistency.
Reflections on the legal and regulatory frameworks, on social and cultural impacts, on sustainability and economic efficiency, on the role of knowledge, diagnostics and monitoring, highlight the potential related to the transition from restoration as an exceptional occurrence to conservation as knowledge and constant care.

The volume contains also the contributions presented in October 2009 at the International Conference “Planned Conservation of XXth Century Architectural Heritage” promoted by the Municipality of Como within the CARIPLO Foundation’s project "Spreading innovative methodologies for Planned Conservation of historic architectural heritage”.
The conference was conducted with the support of:
DOCOMOMO Italy - Italian Association for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neigbourhoods of the Modern Movement -
UNESCO Chair on Preventive Conservation Maintenance and Monitoring of Monuments and Sites. POLITECNICO DI MILANO - Department of Building & Environment Science & Technology

Andrea Canziani, PhD architect, specialist in Restoration of Monuments, professor of Architectural Restoration at the Politecnico di Milano Faculty of Architecture and Society.
Concerned with issues of conservation of cultural heritage with specific attention to the twentieth century and the relationship between architecture, landscape and cultural and social development.
Is a member of DOCOMOMO International-International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neigbourhoods of the Modern Movement-and Secretary General of DOCOMOMO Italy.
Website: http://www.plannedconservationcomo2009.com/

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