IFLA Newsletter n° 83, July 2009

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Community Collaboration
Collaboration for a landscape architect comes in many forms. As we can see from the articles in this issue of IFLA News, we collaborate on a spectrum from eliciting community feelings and beliefs by way of a process involving no formal consultation or structured meetings, through more proactive meetings, charettes, and steering committees to achieve shared and negotiated outcomes, to community mobilisation at a district or national level.

Articles featuring different levels of community ownership have been contributed from the Americas (Cecilia B. Herzog on a collaborative team in Rio de Janeiro and Beata Dreksler rescuing a central Guatemala City park), and from Europe (Thomas Knoll on transnational collaboration). Others come from Asia and the Pacific: Iran (Mohammad Motallebi on national action on tree planting), Japan (Mayumi Hayashi on community input into urban reconstruction after earthquake devastation), New Zealand (Dennis Scott) and Australia. The issue is introduced by Greg Grabasch who describes two examples of engagement with local communities in the far northwest of Western Australia. Whereas interventions in the past in this region have tended to occur regardless of community wishes, a new approach has allowed local ownership of landscape developments and a better result for visitors alike.
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