Stonehenge - World Heritage Site Management Plan 2009

The Stonehenge World Heritage Site Management Plan 2009 is available online at the following address:

The Stonehenge World Heritage Site Management Plan provides a strategy to conserve and manage the Site for present and future generations. It covers the whole World Heritage Site landscape (more than 2,600 hectares around Stonehenge). Based on a detailed assessment of the significance of the Site and of the management issues, the Plan outlines long-term aims, short to medium term policies and a detailed action plan.

The aim of the Management Plan is to sustain for present and future generations the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage Site: its outstanding prehistoric monuments and archaeological landscape. The Plan takes into account other issues such as access, nature conservation, farming, education, research and the needs of the local community.

The first Stonehenge World Heritage Site Management Plan was published in 2000. A revised plan was published in 2009 after extensive consultation with landowners, the local community, statutory bodies and other interested parties. Its preparation was led by English Heritage on behalf of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site Committee, a steering group of stakeholders. The Management Plan is recognised by all parties as the overarching strategy for the sustainable management of the World Heritage Site.

Source: English Heritage

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